AR jewelry try-on service now available!

AR Shopping

Try on PRMAL products at home through the camera of your iPhone.

In recent years, the development of information technology and the need to refrain from going out have changed people's lifestyles. There are more and more opportunities to spend time at home. Under these circumstances, we are releasing the AR Shopping function so that customers can have an image of wearing the product as real as possible at home. This feature is available to all customers free of charge from each product detail page on the PRMAL official website.

How to try

With this function, customers can easily check the atmosphere of the actual jewelry and the image of holding it in their hands from home, which cannot be conveyed through images and videos.

AR Shopping demo

AR supported browsers

Safari on iOS 12 or higher (* 360-degree images of products can be used on all browsers, including PCs and smartphones)

About 3D data of jewelry

PRMAL generates 3D data for AR based on real CAD data of each product that is actually used in jewelry manufacturing in order to pursue the reality in AR virtual space. As a result, virtual jewelry in AR can reproduce details that are as close as possible to the actual product.