Our mission is to bring ethical and high quality jewelry closer to our customers.

Many of the natural diamonds used in jewelry are not even traceable to their place of production and are distributed second and third hand. Furthermore, the mining of diamonds fails to take into account the global environment and has a negative impact on ecosystems.

The supply chain is also complex, and the jewelry in your hands goes through a number of vendors from wholesaling to cutting and manufacturing, with no intermediate costs involved.

We questioned that lack of transparency and took a fundamental look at the structure of the industry.

We only use lab-grown diamonds, which are environmentally friendly, and we control everything from production to sale. Furthermore, wasteful costs are thoroughly eliminated. As a result, we thought we could make fine jewelry more accessible in an ethical way at an optimal price.

With the mission of "bringing ethical, high-quality jewelry closer to the world", we create a sustainable, ethical, and fair world in a new form.

our mission



We believe that we should be transparent about where our jewelry is made and what it is made with.

Working with the industry's best domestic manufacturers, PRMAL's jewelry encapsulates the world-famous skills handed down from our predecessors.



By selling only online and controlling the entire process, we eliminate wasteful costs and connect our customers with the factories that produce them, delivering the highest quality at the right price.



The lab-grown diamonds we use (synthetic diamonds) are made of the same ingredients as natural diamonds and have a pure, beautiful brilliance without any impurities.

Returning the favor to the earth

Donate 1% of sales to forest conservation

We believe that it is important not only to create products that are environmentally friendly, but also to build a system that allows us to give back. We aim to be a jewelry company that takes a progressive approach to sustainability.

Trees are responsible for absorbing CO2, a greenhouse gas in the atmosphere, and forest conservation is one of the greatest tools to combat climate change. However, it is said that about 130,000 square kilometers of the world's forests are lost each year.

To combat this problem, PRMAL has been working on this issue since its inception through a member of 1% for the Planet a global network of more than 4,900 companies around the world.

In order to be able to repay the earth that nurtured us, we aim to realize a society in which the blessings of forests can coexist in a sustainable way while preserving them, and prevent deforestation in various parts of the world.


go fukushima
Creative Director & CEO


I was born into a family of jewelers, which has been passed down from the previous generation, and grew up surrounded by jewelry from the time I was a child, so I decided to pursue a career in jewelry.

With the belief that we can bring sparkle to the world through jewelry, I started this project with a friend from school days, with the hope of bringing smiles to many people by bringing them closer to jewelry.

We hope that PRMAL jewelry will be closer to you, that they will be passed on to the next generation and that they will create a variety of stories, regardless of the times.