Our mission is to provide our customers with ethically sourced, high-quality jewelry at their fingertips.

Many natural diamonds found in jewelry cannot be traced back to their place of origin and are often distributed through second and third-hand channels. Moreover, diamond mining neglects the global environment and causes significant harm to ecosystems.

The supply chain is complex, with jewelry passing through multiple vendors for wholesaling, cutting, and manufacturing, all without any intermediate costs.

We challenged this lack of transparency and reevaluated the industry's fundamental structure.

We exclusively use environmentally friendly lab-grown diamonds and maintain control over every aspect of production and sales. Additionally, we diligently eliminate any wasteful costs. As a result, we believe that we can offer ethically produced fine jewelry at an optimal price, making it more accessible to everyone.

Guided by our mission to "bring ethical, high-quality jewelry closer to the world," we strive to create a sustainable, ethical, and fair world in a new and innovative way.

our mission



We believe in being transparent about the origins of our jewelry and the materials used in its creation.

Collaborating with the finest local manufacturers, PRMAL's jewelry captures the renowned craftsmanship passed down through generations.



By exclusively selling online and managing the entire process, we cut out unnecessary expenses and directly connect our customers with the manufacturers, delivering exceptional quality at the fairest prices.



The lab-grown diamonds we utilize (also known as synthetic diamonds) share the same composition as natural diamonds, boasting a pure and captivating sparkle without any impurities.

Giving back to our planet

Donating 1% of sales to forest conservation

We believe that it's crucial not only to create environmentally friendly products, but also to establish a system that allows us to contribute positively. We strive to be a jewelry company that takes a forward-thinking approach to sustainability.

Trees play a vital role in absorbing CO2, a greenhouse gas in the atmosphere, making forest conservation one of the most effective ways to combat climate change. However, it's estimated that around 130,000 square kilometers of the world's forests are lost each year.

To address this issue, PRMAL has been actively involved since its inception as a member of 1% for the Planet, a global network of over 4,900 companies worldwide.

In our efforts to give back to the Earth that has nurtured us, we aim to foster a society where the blessings of forests can be sustained and preserved, while simultaneously preventing deforestation in various parts of the world.


go fukushima
Creative Director & CEO


Growing up in a family of jewelers with a legacy passed down from previous generations, I was surrounded by jewelry from a young age, which inspired me to pursue a career in this field.

Believing that we can bring a sparkle to the world through our jewelry, I embarked on this project with a childhood friend, hoping to bring joy to many people by making jewelry more accessible to them.

We hope that PRMAL jewelry will not only become a cherished part of your life but also be passed down to future generations, creating a multitude of stories that transcend time.