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A Beautiful Choice.

Ethical Diamond Jewelry

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Welcome to
fine jewelry for the future

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What is the future of beauty?
The answer will be there through your choices.
Choose what excites you
rather than by other people's prejudices.
Live a life that you can be proud of
rather than following the past.
PRMAL embraces your courage
with Lab Grown Diamonds
that are eco-friendly and conflict-free.
Be premium.
Be minimal.
And be ethical.
The choice will make your life beautiful.



PRMAL /trademark
"Premium" + "Minimal" = PRMAL

PRMAL is an Ethical diamond jewelry brand that uses only eco-friendly lab-grown diamonds.

With the same brilliance and sophisticated design as natural diamonds, we propose a new style of jewelry suitable for the next generation.

About Us

Environmentally Friendly Diamonds


The lab-grown diamonds we use are made of the same ingredients as natural diamonds and are free from impurities, giving them a pure and beautiful brilliance.

It has the advantage of being environmentally friendly, conflict-free, and a sustainable source of supply for future generations.

the picuture of a lab-grown diamond

Ethical Diamond Jewelry with Minimalist Design

PRMAL's jewelry design team has been committed to "simple materials and designs that enhance the beauty of jewelry from within" since its inception.

We are convinced that our jewelry will be a powerful partner that will add flair to any style, from the everyday to the extraordinary.

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Behind Our Jewelry

We believe that we should be transparent about where our jewelry is made and what it is made with.

Working with the industry's best domestic manufacturers, PRMAL's jewelry encapsulates the world-famous skills handed down from our predecessors.

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Special Christmas Giveaway - PRMAL

Special Christmas Giveaway

Giveaway! PRMAL will give a sanitizer case as a Christmas giveaway to customers who purchase 50,000 JPY or more in December.

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