LEON, April 2023 - PRMAL

LEON, April 2023

A Japanese fashion magazine, LEON [レオン], features PRMAL items in the April issue.

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Tokyo Calendar, March 2023 - PRMAL

Tokyo Calendar, March 2023

In a Japanese culture magazine, Tokyo Calendar [東京カレンダー], Rio Uchida wears PRMAL items on the cover of the March issue.

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kiitos., Vol.26 - PRMAL

kiitos., Vol.26

A Japanese lifestyle magazine, "kiitos. [キートス]" features PRMAL Line Tail Earring.

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Liniere, February 2023 - PRMAL

Liniere, February 2023

In a Japanese fashion magazine, Liniere [リンネル], Mitsuki Takahata wears a PRMAL hoop earring on the cover of the February issue.

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