Instagram Live [Wave] - PRMAL

Instagram Live [Wave]

Introducing the new "THE WAVE" series from the INFINITY collection. The design, inspired by the waves of nature, masterfully combines curves with t...

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JAXURY, September 2023 - PRMAL

JAXURY, September 2023

Rio Asumi [明日海りお] was interviewed by FRaU and wore a PRMAL ear-cuff in an article for a Japanese culture magazine "JAXURY".

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Bridal Fair in September - PRMAL

Bridal Fair in September

From September 1 (Fri) to 30 (Sat.), we hold the September Bridal Fair. A variety of diamond jewelry suitable for the couple's special occasion are...

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Instagram Live [Lift] - PRMAL

Instagram Live [Lift]

Introducing three new earring designs where unique lines of diamonds accentuate a distinct elegance. The simple designs are easy to pair with items...

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mi-mollet, August 2023 - PRMAL

mi-mollet, August 2023

PRMAL was featured in the Japanese online lifestyle media outlet, mi-mollet (ミモレ), on August 17, 2023. Please check out the full article.

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anan, issue 2357 - PRMAL

anan, issue 2357

A Japanese fashion magazine, anan [アンアン], features PRMAL items in the 2357 issue, 2023.

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ELLE, June 2023 - PRMAL

ELLE, June 2023

ELLE Japan's online edition featured PRMAL in its special on lab-grown diamond brands.

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Instagram Live [Trending] - PRMAL

Instagram Live [Trending]

Join us for a feature with Mai Shiratori, brand ambassador and trend researcher, as she shares her love for the brand, personal story, and favorite...

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