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PRMAL represents a new era in diamond jewelry, blending the intricate craftsmanship of Japanese jewelry artisans with the sustainability of lab-grown diamonds made possible by technological advancements.

Our pieces are meticulously crafted in collaboration with an esteemed atelier in Kofu, Yamanashi Prefecture—the leading jewelry production region in Japan. With over 30 years of storied history, this atelier ensures that each piece of jewelry is carefully and skillfully created by seasoned artisans.

Crafted in Japan
Shared with
the World

Commitment to Craftsmanship

We engage directly in thoughtful conversations with passionate artisans who are uncompromising in their craft. Every piece of jewelry is meticulously and patiently created to meet our high standards.

Our commitment extends beyond just high-quality craftsmanship; we are deeply attentive to environmental sustainability and the working conditions of our producers, aiming for a more sustainable world.

Through our jewelry, we aim to showcase the beauty of Japan and share its allure far and wide. This is the heartfelt mission that fuels our craftsmanship.

Shipping Management & Quality Inspection

To ensure that our pieces reach you in optimal condition, we adhere to our own rigorous management and quality inspection standards. From packaging to shipping, every step is handled responsibly by our team.