By selling only online and controlling the entire process, we eliminate wasteful costs and connect our customers with the factories that produce them, delivering the highest quality at the right price.

Jewelry in your life

PRMAL's jewelry is committed to quality and transparency, and through Factory Direct, we are able to connect our customers with the factories that produce it, delivering the highest quality jewelry at a significantly reduced profit margin compared to traditional retail prices.

We believe that by making it easier for people to incorporate jewelry into their daily lives, we are able to convey the beauty of jewelry and the spirit of our artisans to as many customers as possible.

Keep your jewelry close to you, even in the changing times.

Why can we deliver the highest quality at the fair price?

Unlike traditional jewelry brands, PRMAL jewelry does not have a store and has a direct link between the factory and the customer, with no middlemen.

By consolidating sales online and controlling everything ourselves, we have overturned the industry structure where we have to sell at 5-10 times the cost of the product, and created a system that allows us to buy more easily than other brands.