Lab Grown Diamond
Environmentally friendly diamonds.

Lab grown diamonds are made under the same conditions as the natural diamonds from which they are mined. It has the exact same structure as natural diamonds.

Natural diamond requires more than 1 billion years of pressure and high temperatures to form. While lab-grown diamonds have made this process much more efficient through the application of advanced science and technology.

Physically and chemically identical in structure to natural diamonds, they are indistinguishable from them even by a professional diamond grader and can only be distinguished from natural diamonds with the help of specialized machines.



    Because it is made in a lab, it is guaranteed to be conflict-free and ethical, and there is zero chance of conflict diamonds. With mined natural diamonds, we cannot guarantee it. And it has the advantage of being a sustainable source of supply for the next generation.


    Compared to mined diamonds, lab-grown diamonds have no impact on the environment, do not pollute water bodies or degrade the soil.

  3. PRICE

    Our lab-grown diamonds are 30-40% less expensive than their natural diamond counterparts mined from the ground, with the elimination of intermediate costs due to the short supply chain.


Lab-grown diamonds are made under the same conditions as mined natural diamonds, they exhibit exactly the same physical, chemical and optical properties as mined natural diamonds. The only difference is that the diamonds grown in the lab are being produced in a laboratory on Earth.

Chemical Formula Thermal Conductivity Crystal Structure Mohs Hardness Density[g/㎠] Refractive Index Optical Dispersion
Natural Diamond C HIGH CUBIC 10 3.52 2.42 0.044
Lab Grown Diamond C HIGH CUBIC 10 3.52 2.42 0.044
[Imitation Stone]
Cubic Zirconia ZrO2 LOW CUBIC 8.25 5.70 2.20 0.066
Moissanite SIC HIGH HEXAGONAL 9.25 3.21 2.65 0.104
White Sapphire AI2O3 LOW HEXAGONAL 9 3.97 1.77 0.018


Lab-grown diamonds are graded and certified in the same way as mined diamonds. At PRMAL, diamonds used in engagement rings are accompanied by an IGI certificate.

Certificate for Lab Grown Diamond

Our 4C's of Diamonds

PRMAL guarantees the following grades for the center stone of the engagement ring.

Color: F up / Clarity: VS2 up / Cut: Excellent up

Please refer to the grading table below.


"Carat" is a unit of measurement used to express the weight of a diamond. It is denoted by "ct" and 1.0ct equals 0.2g. Our engagement rings are available in 0.3ct, 0.5ct, 0.7ct, and 1.0ct diamonds.


Color is divided into 33 grades, ranging from colorless D color to Z color. The closer to D color, the rarer and more highly valued it is. At PRMAL, we use F color or higher for the center stone in bridal settings.


"Clarity" is a comprehensive evaluation of a diamond's inclusions and external characteristics and is graded into 11 levels. Our diamonds are VS2 or higher.


The higher the cut rating of a diamond, the more brilliant it will be. PRMAL offers only the finest "Excellent" diamonds.