Be premium, be minimal, and be ethical. To further update our "A Beautiful Choice." we have renewed the packaging.

Inheriting the brand's original packaging concept, recycled-derived paper materials are used throughout. No plastic is used.

Ribbons are part of the package design, as we want each person to receive the jewelry "as a gift to themselves.

At the same time, we aimed for a minimalist design that would allow the jewelry to be used as a gift to a loved one in its original form.

PRMAL Package Design PRMAL Package Design PRMAL Package Design PRMAL Package Design

The box was redesigned so that it can be used as a jewelry box as it is for years.

The box also has two layers of cushioning, so it can hold up to eight rings, making it a sustainable design that can store many pieces of jewelry beautifully and carefully.

PRMAL Package Design

A shopping bag is included in the gift package. The shopping bag is likewise made of recycled-derived paper material, and the handle is made of ribbon material. The color scheme is simple so that the jewelry can be highlighted to the fullest.

To achieve ecological activities and to protect personal information, PRMAL does not include price tags or invoices with all orders, including gift orders.

PRMAL Package Design

We hope you will enjoy the jewelry as well as the meticulous packaging.