PRMAL CHRISTMAS COLLECTION 2020: New jewelry with pink diamonds will be available for a limited time during Christmas.

Pink diamonds

Pink diamond

One of the rarest of diamonds is the "pink diamond". Annual natural production is less than 0.1% of the usual colorless white diamonds, and the highest quality natural ones can fetch $2 million or more per carat.

There are currently only two sources of a stable supply of pink diamonds in the world: the Argyle mine and Russia, the two countries of origin. (The Argyle mine is scheduled to close by the end of 2020.)

It is said that 99.5% of the color of natural colored diamonds is caused by a distortion of the crystal structure after plastic deformation. However, the specific atomic structure that causes the pink color to appear is not yet known. Because of its mysteriousness, it is said to be a mysterious gemstone.

For many years, lab-grown diamonds have been researched in various approaches to produce color, including the addition of silicon during the CVD growth process and the mixing of nitrogen and irradiation heating, rather than the natural plastic deformation method. In recent years, we have succeeded in producing beautiful rough diamonds.

Since we can consistently produce pink diamonds in the laboratory, we can obtain pink diamonds in the rough for less than 1/20th of the price of the equivalent natural product. Also, PRMAL, a D2C brand, manufactures its jewelry factory-direct, eliminating all intermediate costs and bringing intrinsic value to you at affordable prices.


The jewelry with pink diamonds is now available.

0.1ct Bezel Pink Diamond Ring (JPY 72,000 + tax)

PRMAL's classic designs are accompanied by the collection's first jewelry in pink gold.

Stacking Ring [PINK EDITION] (JPY 14,000 + tax)

PRMAL Pop-up Store

At this month's PRMAL pop-up store, you can see the Christmas limited edition products in person.


  • Exhibition Period: 2020.11.20-2020.11.30
  • Location: Jewelry floor, at ESTNATION Roppongi Hills
  • Open Hours: 11:00〜20:00

Isetan Shinjuku 3F LIMITED STORE (Tokyo)

  • Exhibition Period: 2020.12.2-2020.12.8
  • Location: "International Creators" on the 3rd floor of Isetan Shinjuku
  • Open Hours: 10:00〜20:00

At the event, we will also unveil our first collaboration with Diamond Foundry, which we announced in a press release recently. We are looking forward to seeing you at the event.