Genderless Series by PRMAL

PRMAL will start selling its first genderless series on the official online store on March 1, 2021.

This series of jewelry is inspired by industrial parts. The organic shapes of the pieces are eye-catching, and they can be enjoyed in genderless coordination with free ideas that are not restricted to men or women.

The signet ring series has been loved by royalty since 3,000 BC in ancient Egypt. The design of the signet ring series is minimalist, with a somewhat industrial and organic shape. It can be worn as a men's pinky ring as well as a women's ring.

The necklace and bracelet series can be stacked with different thickness chains. Recommended as an item to decorate your hand or neck.

The clasp is made of magnets for easy attachment and removal, and the structure is minimalistic.

Please enjoy the genderless and sustainable jewelry proposed by PRMAL.

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