Instagram Live [Hana4]

We will invite artist Hana4 as our guest. She will talk about her beautiful choices in life under the theme of "A Beautiful Choice.". 

About Hana4

Hana4 is an artist who has been working in the fields of art, textiles, illustration, etc., based on her original "nail art". 

She specializes in highly finished, ultra-fine hand-drawn lines and beautiful, detailed use of color. She believes in "expressing the story and thoughts behind the work as art".

Currently, she creates art based on her inspiration from photography, travel and people. She is also focusing on her own production activities such as upcycled art activities born from sustainable and organic lifestyles, and is working as an artist in various fields beyond fashion and beauty.

Instagram Live [A Beautiful Choice.]

Date: Monday, March 15, 20:00 JST

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