PRMAL partners with The Future Rocks, a jewelry start-up company in Hong Kong. To participate in the project.

D2C jewelry brand PRMAL (Japan, CEO: Go Fukushima) has announced a partnership with The Future Rocks (Hong Kong, CEO: Anthony Tsang), which operates a marketplace for lab grown diamond jewelry brands for the global market.

Through its participation in The Future Rocks, PRMAL, as one of Japan's leading brands, will work together to accelerate global change by disseminating information and conducting various activities on a global scale.

Brands participating in The Future Rocks

The first brands to participate in The Future Rocks are as follows

  • PRMAL (Japan)
  • Courbet (France)
  • Frank Darling (USA)
  • Matilde (UK)
  • The Rayy (Switzerland)
  • TERRA 10¹² (Japan)
  • Sceona (Singapore)
  • Monarc (UK)

More curated jewelry brands from around the world are expected to participate in the project in the future.

Comments from representatives

Anthony Tsang, CEO of The Future Rocks

We are elated to partner with PRMAL, one of the most pre-eminent and exciting lab grown diamond jewelry brands in Japan. Our partnership is built on our shared values and vision – we believe in creating a better future and we believe lab grown diamonds will be a part of this future.  

The Future Rocks is committed to bringing lab grown diamonds into the mainstream and to building the industry together with brands such as PRMAL in Japan and from around the world.  Japan is a market we are very optimistic towards and with PRMAL, we believe there is a lot we can and will do together going forward.

GO Fukushima, CEO of PRMAL

We are very pleased to announce our partnership with The Future Rocks after almost a year of preparation, as we feel the same way about them and their team and want to help them from Japan. The Lab grown diamond is not just a piece of jewelry, it is a part of the message that we should send to our future. This movement needs to be communicated not only in Japan, but also on a global scale, with people working together.

Through The Future Rocks, PRMAL will also accelerate collaborations with unique artists and brands from around the world. This partnership is just the start for us.

The Future Rocks (Hong Kong)

The Future Rocks is the world’s destination for lab grown diamond jewelry. We are a curated platform of the world’s most unique designers who share our same values of being progressive, inclusive and creating a better future for everyone. 

The Future Rocks is taking the lead in promoting lab grown diamond jewelry as an industry and we are partnering with up-and-coming designers from around the world to succeed as one. It’s a collective journey of growth for all of us at The Future Rocks.

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PRMAL (Tokyo, Japan)

PRMAL is an ethical diamond jewelry brand from Japan that uses earth-friendly lab grown diamonds. We use only lab grown diamonds that are identical in appearance and composition to natural diamonds, and thoroughly eliminate unnecessary costs by controlling everything from production to sales. We aim to make jewelry more accessible at the best price.

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Lab grown diamonds

As awareness of the SDGs has increased in recent years, Lab Grown Diamonds have been attracting attention as an ethical alternative to conventional natural diamonds.

A lab grown diamond is a synthetic diamond composed of the same components as a natural diamond. The composition, purity, and brilliance of a lab grown diamond are exactly the same as those of a natural diamond, and even professional appraisers are unable to identify them.

The GIA (Gemological Institute of America) and other diamond grading organizations can issue an official certificate of authenticity.

Because they are produced in a laboratory (factory), they do not create environmental and social problems like natural diamonds, and can be supplied ethically and sustainably. It has been attracting attention overseas, with celebrities such as DiCaprio, Penelope Cruz, Meghan Markle, Lady Gaga, and Emma Watson expressing their support. The price of the stone is 30-40% cheaper than the natural one, despite the fact that it has exactly the same ingredients and shine.

As the market demand for lab grown diamond jewelry continues to grow year after year, it is predicted that total sales will reach $15 billion by 2035.

Source: Paul Zimnisky Diamond Analytics: