Spreading the SDGs through the Power of Sports: Tokyo 2020 Games. "Be better, together"

The Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics were held in the midst of a Covid-19 pandemic. The passion of the athletes and their games have given us great inspiration and courage. Did you know that the SDGs were a big part of Tokyo 2020? The SDGs have a lot to do with creating an environment where sports can be played, and ensuring that there is no discrimination in sports.

In sports, the Olympic Games are an important event for spreading the SDGs to people around the world.

Tokyo 2020 and the SDGs

The Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games will be based on the sustainability concept of "Be better, together" and will focus on five themes: climate change; resource management; air, water, greenery and biodiversity; human rights, labor and fair business practices; and participation, collaboration & engagement.

The official Olympic uniforms that you see in front of the TV are one of the SDGs initiatives. The uniforms are made of recycled polyester and plant-derived materials, and are designed not only to conserve resources, but also to be comfortable for people of all ages, genders, and nationalities.

Here are a few examples of specific initiatives for each of the five themes of Tokyo x Sustainability from the Tokyo Organizing Committee for the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Climate Change: Towards a Decarbonized Society

The Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games venues, the Athletes' Village, the International Broadcast Center and the Main Press Center will use 100% renewable energy collected from solar panels and other sources. Also, they are using fuel cell vehicles (FCVs), electric vehicles (EVs), and other eco-friendly and fuel-efficient vehicles for transportation.

Resource management: No waste of resources

Made from urban mines. Medals for Everyone Project

A project to create approximately 5,000 medalist medals from the people's used small home appliances. The project is also an effort to communicate the importance of recycling, as each home appliance we use every day contains minerals that are important as resources.

Japan's Wood Utilization Relay

The facilities of the athletes' village are built with wood borrowed from 63 municipalities, and the wood used after the Games will be reused in various locations. By using domestic wood, we are contributing to the regeneration of the forestry industry and forest conservation, and by reusing the wood, we are reducing the environmental impact and creating a legacy for the Games.

Our Podium Project

An initiative to create a podium for medalists using household plastics. This is an initiative to promote a model for the use of disposable plastics both in Japan and abroad.

Tokyo 2020 Olympic Podium

Human rights, labor, fair business practices, etc. "Festival of Diversity"

As Tokyo 2020 Accessibility Guidelines, Barrier-free and universal design inside and outside venues and in public transportation to create livable cities and facilities for all people.

In addition, the goal of Tokyo 2020 is to create a Games that can be enjoyed by people from all over the world, without discrimination or harassment, while learning about and accepting each other's differences.

Air, Water, Greenery, Biodiversity, etc. "Realization of a City in Harmony with Nature"

In order to ensure water circulation at the competition, filtration equipment has been introduced at the newly built competition venues to make effective use of water.

Participation, Collaboration, and Information Dissemination (Engagement) - Building the Games in Partnership

International organizations and Tokyo 2020 will work together to raise awareness of the Games among people in Japan and abroad. In collaboration with the United Nations Information Centre, Tokyo 2020 is holding events to commemorate the International Day of Sport for Development and Peace.

Let's enjoy Tokyo 2020 from a new perspective!

As the Olympics come around once every four years and people around the world are watching, why not take a look at not only the sports, but also the small things that make up Tokyo 2020? It's a great way to see the Olympics and Paralympics in a new way.