Ayumi Hamamoto (Stylist) × PRMAL

Stylist Ayumi Hamamoto, who is recognized for her exceptional sense of style, has worked on numerous fashion magazines and advertisements, primarily focusing on Mode magazine. Resonating with PRMAL's mission of "The Future of Sustainable Luxury," this marks her first collaboration with them.

As a stylist at the forefront of the fashion industry, the items were created based on her original experiences in creativity, stemming from her connections with many people and things.

Bond Series
by Ayumi Hamamoto × PRMAL

Bond Series
by Ayumi Hamamoto × PRMAL

Connections and bonds with people are nurtured as we deepen our relationships with friends and partners.

The contrast between gold and silver, curves and straight lines, symbolizes the relationships where people with different backgrounds and personalities build bonds and support each other, complementing one another.

By adding the stylist's sensibility as an essence, this special piece was created.

Once you wear the item, you can feel the powerful impact of modern and edgy styling up close.

We present items that are only possible through the special collaboration between Ayumi Hamamoto, who is passionate about fashion and excels in mode styling, and PRMAL.

Ayumi Hamamoto × PRMAL
Collaboration Items

Bond Ring

Subtly incorporating it into your everyday outfits adds an elegant touch.

The large ring can make a statement on its own or be stacked on one finger, allowing you to enjoy a unique style.

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Bond Ear Cuff

Adds a touch of modern presence to your ears.

An item you can enjoy layering with thin hoop earrings or stud earrings.

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Bond Hoop Earring

An item that adds an edgy touch to simple styling.

The design, which combines silver and gold, as well as straight and curved lines, draws attention to your ears.

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Ayumi Hamamoto

濱本愛弓 Ayumi Hamamoto

After graduating from beauty school, she gained experience as an apparel salesperson. In 2018, she became independent and has since been active in a wide range of fashion magazines and media, primarily focusing on Mode magazine. Her hobbies include collecting vases, visiting vintage shops, and recently, driving. She is also renowned for her high beauty quotient.

Instagram: @ayumi6316