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A Beautiful Choice.

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Welcome to
fine jewelry for the future

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What is the future of beauty?
The answer will be there through your choices.
Choose what excites you
rather than by other people's prejudices.
Live a life that you can be proud of
rather than following the past.
PRMAL embraces your courage
with Lab Grown Diamonds
that are eco-friendly and conflict-free.
Be premium.
Be minimal.
And be ethical.
The choice will make your life beautiful.


The Future of
Sustainable Luxury

PRMAL /trademark
"Premium" + "Minimal" = PRMAL

PRMAL is an eco-conscious diamond jewelry brand that exclusively utilizes environmentally friendly lab-grown diamonds.

Offering the same captivating brilliance and elegant design as natural diamonds, we present a fresh approach to jewelry that caters to the tastes of the next generation.

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The lab-grown diamonds have the same components as natural diamonds, but they're purer, giving them a brilliant sparkle.

Not only do these diamonds shine bright, but they're also eco-friendly, conflict-free, and a sustainable choice for the future.

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Elegance Redefined


PRMAL's jewelry design team has been dedicated to creating pieces with "simple materials and designs that amplify the innate beauty of the jewelry" since our beginning.

We are confident that our jewelry will serve as a versatile companion, elevating any style from the everyday to the extraordinary.

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We believe in maintaining transparency regarding the origins of our jewelry and the materials used to create it.

Collaborating with top domestic manufacturers in the industry, PRMAL's jewelry embodies the renowned expertise inherited from our forebears.

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25ans, March 2024 - PRMAL

25ans, March 2024

A Japanese fashion magazine 25ans [ヴァンサンカン] featured PRMAL's rings in its March issue.

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