Collaboration Item with Stylist Ayumi Hamamoto: 'Ayumi Hamamoto x PRMAL — Bond Series' Released

We are pleased to announce the release of the special collaboration jewelry Bond Series, supervised by stylist Ayumi Hamamoto, on the official PRMAL online store starting Saturday, June 29, 2024.

Ayumi Hamamoto, a stylist highly praised for her exceptional sense of style, has worked on numerous fashion magazines and advertisements, primarily in the fashion magazine industry. Resonating with PRMAL's mission of "The Future of Sustainable Luxury," this collaboration has come to fruition.

Bond Series by Ayumi Hamamoto × PRMAL

This is PRMAL's first piece that combines different materials, using silver and gold vermeil as one integrated piece. Inspired by the creative experiences stemming from her connections with various people and things at the forefront of the fashion industry, this item was born.

Message about the Collaboration

Connections and bonds between people are nurtured as we deepen our relationships with friends and partners. Infused with her stylistic sensibility, this design expresses the way people with diverse backgrounds and individuality connect and build bonds, represented through straight and curved lines.

Once worn, this piece is not only easy to use daily but also gives a modern and edgy impression. We hope that through this item, new connections and encounters will be sparked.

Ayumi Hamamoto

Collaboration Special Feature Page

For more details about this special collection, please visit the feature page.

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