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What is the future of beauty?
The answer will be there through your choices.
Choose what excites you
rather than by other people's prejudices.
Live a life that you can be proud of
rather than following the past.
PRMAL embraces your courage
with Lab Grown Diamonds
that are eco-friendly and conflict-free.
Be premium.
Be minimal.
And be ethical.
The choice will make your life beautiful.

Our Story

and Accessible
through Technology テクノロジーでサスティナブルジュエリーを身近に

Our mission is to "Make Ethical and High-Quality Jewelry Accessible."

Many natural diamonds used in traditional jewelry have unclear origins and are passed through multiple layers of distribution. This lack of traceability often means little regard for environmental sustainability, sometimes causing harm to ecosystems. The complex supply chain also adds hidden costs by the time the jewelry reaches the customer. We've audaciously rethought this industry structure to address the lack of transparency.

We go beyond traditional jewelry making by incorporating eco-friendly lab-grown diamonds. By overseeing the entire process from production to sales with the aid of technology, we are able to eliminate unnecessary costs. We are confident that this approach allows us to offer ethical jewelry at more reasonable prices.

Guided by our belief in "Making Ethical and High-Quality Jewelry Accessible," we aim for a sustainable, ethical, and fair world.

1% for
the Planet ® 売上金の1%を寄付

We believe that it's crucial not only to create environmentally friendly products, but also to establish a system that allows us to contribute positively. We strive to be a jewelry company that takes a forward-thinking approach to sustainability.

Trees play a vital role in absorbing CO2, a greenhouse gas in the atmosphere, making forest conservation one of the most effective ways to combat climate change. However, it's estimated that around 130,000 square kilometers of the world's forests are lost each year.

To address this issue, PRMAL has been actively involved since its inception as a member of 1% for the Planet ®, a global network of over 4,900 companies worldwide.

In our efforts to give back to the Earth that has nurtured us, we aim to foster a society where the blessings of forests can be sustained and preserved, while simultaneously preventing deforestation in various parts of the world.



The lab-grown diamonds have the same components as natural diamonds, but they're purer, giving them a brilliant sparkle.

Not only do these diamonds shine bright, but they're also eco-friendly, conflict-free, and a sustainable choice for the future.

the picuture of a lab-grown diamond

Elegance Redefined


PRMAL's jewelry design team has been dedicated to creating pieces with "simple materials and designs that amplify the innate beauty of the jewelry" since our beginning.

We are confident that our jewelry will serve as a versatile companion, elevating any style from the everyday to the extraordinary.

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We believe in maintaining transparency regarding the origins of our jewelry and the materials used to create it.

Collaborating with top domestic manufacturers in the industry, PRMAL's jewelry embodies the renowned expertise inherited from our forebears.

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Fair Price


Unlike traditional jewelry brands, PRMAL connects customers directly with our artisans, bypassing middlemen.

By consolidating our sales online and maintaining full control over every aspect of our operations, we've disrupted an industry structure that typically necessitates selling at 5-10 times the cost. This enables us to make our jewelry more accessible than other brands.

Fair Price


“ Aiming for a sustainable society, starting from the jewelry industry. ”

Born into a family of jewelers with a legacy passed down through generations, I was surrounded by fine jewelry from an early age and felt a calling toward this craft. Guided by the belief that jewelry can bring radiance to people's lives, I have always sought to make fine jewelry accessible and bring smiles to as many faces as possible. However, I couldn't help but question the various issues plaguing the jewelry industry.

On a trip to Iceland, I witnessed firsthand the rapidly melting glaciers—a sobering reality that led me to question what could be done to protect this planet and its greatest treasures. It was in this context that I discovered lab-grown diamonds. Convinced that these diamonds could be a catalyst for sustainability in the jewelry industry and a solution to its inherent problems, I teamed up with like-minded individuals to establish PRMAL.

We hope that PRMAL jewelry will become a cherished part of your life, timeless in its appeal and passed down to future generations, giving rise to myriad beautiful stories along the way.

Go Fukushima, Founder & CEO

“ Exploring the future luxury through diamond jewelry. ”

Diamonds and precious gemstones have captivated people for centuries, weaving a long and rich history. Meanwhile, the modern era, with its advancements in technology, has brought about an era of transparency where uncomfortable truths that were once concealed by the industry have come to light.

We believe it is crucial to confront these truths sincerely. Through the beautiful jewelry crafted by PRMAL’s skilled artisans—each piece a collaborative labor of love—we invite you to experience what jewelry should truly represent in the coming age.

Riki Shimma, Co-Founder & CTO

Our Team

Our team is led by two industry front-runners: Go Fukushima, a third-generation jeweler with a wealth of experience in the field, and Riki Shimma, a technology specialist.

Based in Tokyo, our diverse team of experts harnesses cutting-edge knowledge and know-how to create a unique jewelry experience. Comprising specialists from various fields—from art and fashion to finance and technology—we're redefining what jewelry can be.